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Esk Bench

The Esk bench is a clean and simple design, which lends itself to both modern and traditional interiors. Subtle details such as the sliding dovetail and wedged tenon joinery set it apart as something that isn't mass produced.


It can be paired with the Esk dining table to make a cohesive dining set, or on it's own where ever you might need it.           

Seating two as standard with bespoke sizes available by request. Made from a choice of Ash, Oak and Ebonised Oak.  


Ash: £850

Oak: £905

Ebonised Oak: £940

Made to Measure

If you need a piece to fit a particular space, I can tailor it to suit your requirements as a made to measure order. I can vary the overall dimensions, materials and finishes to suit your needs, whilst maintaining the integrity of the original design. 


Please get in touch to discuss your requirements. 

Making the Esk range...

chisel copy.jpg

The legs are then attached using a wedged tenon. This tenon fits into a hole drilled right through both the top and rail. When the tenon is slid into the hole a wedge is driven into it from the top, this spreads the tenon in the hole making a really tight and strong joint. The over length tenon is then cut off by hand to leave a beautiful joint detail on the top of each piece. It's these joinery details that I really like to make part of my designs they perform a functional requirement whilst adding to the aesthetics of a piece.  

The Esk range of products all feature the same basic construction. The two piece split top is held together by a cross rail with a sliding dovetail. This dovetail is left unglued and relies solely on the joints inherent structure to hold the timber together. The reason for it not being glued is so that the top is free to expand and contract with seasonal changes.   

glue copy.jpg
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