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Founded in 2020 by cabinet maker David Buchanan-Dunlop. Lyne designs and makes furniture and accessories for the home. The focus is on quality, from the development of the initial design, choice of material, to the production of each piece. 

Before starting Lyne I had a varied career in the woodworking industry. Initially I trained as a luthier which gave me a strong foundation in both woodwork and also some elements of metal work. Accuracy is key in making musical instruments and this training has stood me in good stead.


I then spent time working in a hardwood sawmill, learning the intricacies of milling and drying timber in preparation for making it into furniture. Again this experience was invaluable in teaching me about the properties of wood and how to use it. At this time I also started making my first pieces of furniture. Discovering the satisfaction of making of a piece of furniture from the very first step of sourcing the tree, through milling and drying, to the final production and finishing.  


I then turned my attention full time to making furniture and set up with a friend making bespoke pieces at the Albion. The Albion is a hub for creative businesses of all types in the heart of Edinburgh. There is a strong community of designers and makers here producing a great variety of work. Making furniture is a constant learning process and working alongside these other makers has been an invaluable way to learn new skills and techniques. 


It is my aim with Lyne to build a collection of items that I would want to live with, and of course it’s my hope that if I would want to live with it that others will too. For me it is all about good design, quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship. 

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