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Modern Hand Made Furniture & Accessories

Founded in 2020 by cabinet maker David Buchanan-Dunlop, Lyne Studio designs and makes furniture and accessories for the home. The focus is on quality, from the development of the initial design, choice of material, to the production of each piece. 


The Lyne design aesthetic follows the less is more philosophy. Simple forms and use of joint detail are  key features of my products. It's about uncomplicated design that shows off the craftsmanship and materials that have gone into its making.    

Wood stack home.jpg


Wood is the main medium that I work with, the enduring appeal of wood lies within it's natural warmth and tactility. Each plank of wood is different from the last, meaning each piece of furniture has its own unique character. It can be a difficult material to work with, it wants to bend and move with changes in climate, it is innately stronger in some directions than it is in others, but with proper design and experience beautiful furniture can be made that will last for many generations. 



The last element that makes each Lyne product special is the craftsmanship. Each piece is made in my workshop in Edinburgh with care and attention to detail. I utilise a blend of both traditional and modern woodworking techniques to produce my work, choosing the most appropriate method for each step.  

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